Digital private
banking solution

Fortu is a borderless, private, personal finance solution for individuals and businesses requiring secure, reliable and international financial reach.

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Global payments in all major currencies

Fortu offers multicurrency payment accounts with easy access to financial services directly from your phone or the web.

A dedicated team to meet your needs

Every Fortu’s customer has a dedicated client relations manager to provide guidance, trouble-shoot issues and ensure all of the customer’s needs are being met. Just one click away.

Currency conversion in real time at real rates

Swiftly convert and transfer any currency without hidden fees at the interbank exchange rate.

Financial freedom and complete control

Get your documentation automatically recognised after upload, including invoice details. 

Confirm payments through voice recognition with no need to call or email an execution desk again.

Access Thematic Investment with Fortu Trading

Explore ready-to-invest collections designed by our expert team and pick what you believe in. We offer a wide array of baskets with easy thematic investing. The baskets can hold between 2 to 20 theme stocks.

When investing, your capital is at risk.

Fortu for your business

Open global business account with easy and fast payments, multicurrency accounts and pre-paid virtual corporate cards.  Fortu understands the needs of global businesses and family offices.

per month
Fortu Member
Individual account
  • Free UK account
  • Free Euro & USD IBAN account
  • Free local payments within UK and EU
  • £20
    International payments at fixed rate
  • FX at the interbank rate with 0.05% spread table.
  • Access on the web or via the app
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Virtual family office
  • Introductions to providers at partner rates
    & Personal Assistant
  • Wealth
  • Access to Thematic Baskets
  • Commission-free investment
Business account
  • 1 *
    Business Account
  • High-value payments
  • Hold and exchange 3 currencies
  • FX at the interbank rate with 0.05% spread table.
  • Local accounts in GBP, EUR and USD
  • IBANs for global transfers
  • Pre-paid corporate cards
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • 10
    Multi-user access
  • > 1m
    Annual volume of incoming payments
    to account
  • * Eligible if you are the sole shareholder of the company


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