Thematiс Investment with Fortu Trading
Explore ready-to-invest collections designed by our expert team and pick what you believe in
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When investing, your capital is at risk
Discover the world of investing in a new way
Save your time by discovering ready-made baskets
We offer a wide array of baskets with each one containing themed stocks enabling easy thematic investing. The baskets can hold between 2 and 20 stocks.
Past performance is not a guide to future performance.
Get detailed information to make the best decision
Learn about the structure of the basket, the companies that are included in the basket, as well as the opinion of our expert on this topic.
Pick a basket that is right for you and make your investment
Seamlessly buy and sell baskets and easily track the growth of your portfolio and see its performance.
Explore the baskets
Investing in thematic
baskets you will get
  • 1
    The long-term approach
    We do not cater for intra-day trading and our investors should should have at least a 3-year investment horizon.
  • 2
    Focused exposure on a specific market niche
    Each basket contains between 2 and 20 stocks, investor owns shares of the company and it is 100% transparent.
  • 3
    Multi-asset diversification
    Income and growth opportunities and seamless user experience allow investors to build their own portfolio across various asset classes.
    Coming soon.
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Wealth Products are included in your Fortu Membership Fee of 83£
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Currently we are in a closed beta version, as soon as our platform is launched to the public, we will be sure to notify you
When investing, your capital is at risk
Capital at risk
Neither Fortu Trading Ltd nor Fortu Wealth Ltd provides investment advice and individual investors should make their own decisions or seek professional independent advice if they are unsure as to the suitability/appropriateness of any investment for their individual circumstances or needs. The value of your investment with Fortu Trading can go down as well as up. It is not guaranteed you will get back all the capital you have invested or gain any returns. Past performance is not an indication of its future performance. Currency rate fluctuations can adversely impact the overall returns on your original investment.